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Not Just Another Foodie App Toronto – (and I’ve got a $10 promo code for you “NICOLE9569”) Ritual is Turning Take Out On Its’ Head

May 23, 2016

Fast forward to Ritual Link promo code NICOLE9569 here: Ritual

Hello To All Toronto People Who Eat Food and Drink Beverages (hopefully more cities soon) – ok so all of you….

Do you eat food “on the outside”? Like you didn’t cook it or make it. Do you pick up coffee, grab lunch, snack, breakfast, dinner? Do you crave healthier, more delicious options? This app is for you and there is NO EXTRA COST TO YOU – and you get rewards! – like real rewards of 20% off
I am rarely “WOWED” but I so am. Imagine ordering and paying online – customizing your order with ease – then sailing into the establishment of choice and simply picking up your order – NO MORE STANDING IN LINE

πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— TURNING TAKEOUT ON IT’S HEAD πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—

$10 credit!!
And I have a Ritual promo code for you to get started: NICOLE9569 gets you $10 credit. Sign up and more info here: Ritual
Say good-bye to line-ups – use your precious time for something else – instead dwell over your order online (extra cheese, spicy, no tomatoes) – and then just stroll over when convenient to pick it up.
Ritual is your concierge for the best restaurants and coffee shops in your neighbourhood
* Effortless ordering & pick-up: Use Ritual to order & pay right from your smartphone and pick up your coffee or meal pronto. This intuitive app requests a selfie to assist with optimal service and recognition on arrival
* Time savings at no extra cost: Say goodbye to lineups, loose change, and paper receipts, and save time on your everyday routine.
* Use the valuable hours of time saved each week on the important things in life.
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