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Fireworks stores in Toronto via blgTO

May 12, 2012

Fireworks TorontoFireworks stores in Toronto must get busy this time of year. What better way to celebrate Victoria Day than by lighting up the sky and irritating your geriatric neighbours. The variety of fireworks available at these stores can be intimidating, but several of them are dedicated firework purveyors, so their staff are knowledgeable industry vets. And don’t forget firework safety–it’d be a sad fate to spend summer eyebrow-less.

Amazing Party and Costume
Amazing Party and Costume might not be the most intuitive source for Victoria Day fireworks, but their extensive list ranges from $1 sparklers and novelty items, to assorted kits, to a wide range of multi-shot cakes, roman candles and mortars. For the neighbourhood disruptors, there’s sold-separately sound shells for more bang, and even custom firework kits. You can find their comprehensive price list here.

Victory Fireworks
Victory Fireworks is a dedicated shop that sells fireworks both retail and wholesale, and they even have an intriguing, if excessive, option to inquire about professional fireworks displays. Their business is tailored towards bulk purchase, with an offer of an additional discount: for every $100 you spend (before taxes), you can choose another item at 50% off. They also offer pre-made assortments for those unsure of how to best pair “A Canadian Salute” with something temptingly named “The Wizard.”

Kaboom Fireworks
You can think of Kaboom as your accessible, neighbourhood pyrotechnics enabler. With three locations in the GTA, Kaboom is a one-stop shop for their own brand of fireworks displays, novelty items, and even confetti cannons ($6 for a 60-foot cannon). Kaboom accepts custom orders, will create firing sequences on request, and offers free delivery across Canada with minimum purchase ($150 in the GTA). You can even order online and browse item descriptions before you buy–helpful for those of us who can’t easily suss out the hidden effects behind the Flying Tiger.

Rocket Fireworks
Rocket’s extensive selection ranges from fountains, wheels, and roman candles to the best-selling combo finale designed to light up your backyard. For the fainter-of-heart, try their confetti, glow, and handheld sparkler products. They also have smoke emitters and grenades available in an array of colours as a recommended prelude to your fireworks display (or if you’re jonesing to replicate an ’80s music video). Rocket Fireworks has several locations throughout the GTA, and while the dates of their 2012 Victoria Day sale vary between locations, it’s a solid week of savings.

AirMagic Special Effects
Particular and serious fireworks enthusiasts only need apply for AirMagic’s retail shop. This full-service pyrotechnic events and special effects company boasts an intimidatingly long list of clients including The Canadian Opera Company and the Toronto Raptors, and also has a retail store open to the public. Among their list of products, you’ll find 10-ball rainbow candles ($1.70), a 72-star barrage ($27), and the Detonator 2 ($62), a fan of 100 shots that burst into flowers. They also offer rentals of bubble and snow machines.


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