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Burger Bar

May 6, 2012
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Last night I went to Kensington Market’s Burger Bar with my friend Lesley.

Located right at Augusta and College, Burger Bar is stereotypically Kensington – a patio filled with hipsters, a rough, wood bar and eclectic mix of wall decorations: Victorian advertisements, cardboard animal busts, a Cool Hand Luke poster, a Western playing on the television and Mexican Day of the Dead posters.

I really enjoyed the vibe of this place. It wasn’t pretentious and too into itself; it had a very chill, basement vibe. I don’t typically like patios that are right off the street but this patio faces Augusta which is a low traffic street.

The menu.

This menu sounds delicious and I want to go back. When you go, don’t be deceived – the delicious drink menu that acts as your placement  – it is lying to you. You can’t order any of these drinks. It’s like when you go to seedy, Chinese food restaurants and they claim to have the ability to make Scarlett O’Haras and Wallbangers but they can’t. Burger Bar does, however, have a huge tequila and beer menu which features local beers from the Kensington Brewing Company, among other things. I had the King’s Lager – it was OK. Type to self – don’t take beer advice from people who look 16, they probably don’t know anything about beer.

So from looking at the menu, and if you know anything about me, you can probably guess what burger I ordered.

The 6 Cheese Burger, which Lesley ordered as well. 6oz natural burger with cheddar, smoked provolone, gruyere, blue, brie and chevre with a side of onion rings. The burger was charred perfectly and you could tell the burger was freshly made and grilled to order. Now, I love cheese but maybe, just maybe, there is something as too much cheese. The problem with blue cheese is that when used, it completely overpowers a dish – and this is coming from someone who loves blue cheese. The blue cheese was the most prominent taste and you couldn’t taste any of the other cheese. And because there was so much melted cheese, the burger slid on the bun with every bite. I did like the burger but I think next time I would order something else…

The onion rings though: Best onion rings I have ever had. When you bite into an onion ring you should be able to get a little bit of onion without pulling the entire onion out of its casing. They were more breaded than battered and had a great amount of salt. I typically prefer tiny onion rings but because of how these were made, the big onion rings were more loopy which gave the entire onion a perfect crisp.

High quality, tasty burgers located in Kensington Market. I have a feeling I am going to be having a lot of burgers on this patio this summer on Sundays before GC goes to work. Yums. I can’t wait.


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