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The top 10 public tennis courts in Toronto

May 5, 2012

Tennis courts TorontoPublic tennis courts abound in Toronto, but which ones are the best? With more than 100 city-run courts to choose from it’s worth whittling this down to a shorter list. Sadly, many of the tennis courts feature rough, unpainted surfaces that tear through balls, and some have chain-link nets that can alter the flow of any game. With court numbers and access in mind, here are my picks for the top 10 public tennis courts in Toronto.

Riverdale Park East
With seven courts, your wait shouldn’t be too long, even on busy days. The surface is rough asphalt, but the surroundings, in the Don Valley, and the convenient location near Danforth and Broadview are tough to beat.

Cedarvale Park
Located at 443 Arlington Avenue, Cedarvale offers four hardcourts with a better surface than many other freebies in the city. Nice park surroundings and good nets.

Trinity Bellwoods
One of Toronto’s most popular parks has four southern courts that are generally in better condition than the northern four, with softer nets and a better playing surface. Still, it can get busy on weekends and evenings. Get there early.

Ramsden Park
The courts here aren’t in the best condition, but with eight of them, you’re more likely to be hitting balls than waiting for a court. Another advantage of playing at Ramsden is easy access to bike trails and the TTC.

Toronto Island Park
A great option if you live on the Island or are willing to make a day out of your match. With six courts and the best surroundings in the city, it’s tough to beat this spot if you have time to wait for the ferry.

Flemingdon Park
For central Toronto, this is a great option for some hitting (provided you don’t mind playing near power lines.) The park has four courts that were recently upgraded by the city.

Lakeshore Public Tennis Courts
Also known as Marilyn Bell Park, there are four courts here with real mesh nets in a great location. Courts get busy, so be prepared to wait it out on warm afternoons.

High Park
For local tennis dilettantes, the High Park courts are the best option in the western chunk of the city. Nice playing surface and real nets, mixed with scenic surroundings, make it a popular spot. But with only three courts, it’s busy.

Norwood Park
With five courts, Norwood is a solid bet for east enders looking to rally near Danforth and Gerrard. Close to Main subway station.

McDairmid Woods Park
Located near Brimley Road and the Highway 401 in Scarborough, this spot has three hardcourts with a quality surface. The courts feature real nets instead of chain-link ones, and the city recently re-upped the courts.

What did we miss? Add your picks to the best public tennis courts in Toronto to the comment thread below.

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Writing by Jered Stuffco. Photo by Daifuku Sensei in the blogTO Flickr pool


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