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Boy band + Twitter endorsement = teen girl pilgrimages to Lou Dawg’s for poutine and brownies

May 5, 2012
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Marketers of cheese curds and gravy take note: the way to a young woman’s heart (and stomach) appears to be through her Twitter feed. After two dreamboats from boy band One Direction (we hadn’t heard of them either) expressed their love for Lou Dawg’s poutine and brownies over Twitter on Sunday, the restaurant saw an influx of teenage girls looking to eat where the pop stars eat. According to the Toronto Star, Lou Dawg’s community manager had asked them to tweet about their meal, which they happily did—after they’d left, of course, presumably hoping to avoid a repeat of Justin Bieber’s immortal Segway escape. With girls coming from as far away as Brampton to sample Lou Dawg’s food—one said she’d only visited after going “to about six different hotels…looking for the band”—this was without a doubt a savvy piece of social media strategizing. Someone give that community manager a raise already. Read the entire story [Toronto Star] »


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