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Bits: April Toronto Underground Market

April 28, 2012
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Some highlights from the April edition of the Toronto Underground Market last night at the Evergreen Brick Works.

It wouldn’t be an exageration to say that Toronto has gone crazy for street food. Between food trucks, popup vendors, and underground dinners, we can’t seem to get enough of this type of eating. Even some city restaurants have started paying homage to the street food craze, altering menus to include popular snacks. The spine of this movement is the Toronto Underground Market, bringing together independent vendors to showcase various foods both Canadiana and International. My fifth TUM experience last night not only had the best lineup of vendors, but also the best weather. ;

I had the chance to pop in earlier before doors opened at 6pm, and in between filming the West side Beef Co. guys for another project, walked around and checked out some of the new and seasoned vendors.

As with previous TUMs, social media plays a huge role in the splash a new vendor makes at the event. Rock Lobster Food Co was a great example of this. The popup vendor has created a cult following after events at 86’d and Steam Whistle Brewery.

At TUM they kept it simple; serving over 500 lobster rolls (two for $5). 15 minutes after the door opened, the line was 50 bodies deep. Another 15 minutes later, 100. This continued for the next four hours.

Another independent vendor, SnackeryTO debuted at TUM serving Canelés, with a crunchy caramalized crust and custard center. They prepared 1,000 small and medium-sized Canelés.

Around 7pm. There was still a lineup of people waiting to get into the market, with vendors Fidel Gastros, West Side Beef Co, Kalofagas, Comida del Pueblo getting the initial wave of foodie love. A half hour later the crowd started to spread, and nearly every vendor was busy or very busy. A great vibe, enhanced by a warm evening. 

Doughnuts by Dough Toronto. Rachelle had four flavours; apple fritter, maple bacon, almond speculaas, and the vanilla glaze.

An array of Souvlaki by Kalofagas, with homemade tzatziki. 

Other highlights;
Chocolate covered caramels by All Mine Caramels
Burgers by West Side Beef Co.
Comida del Pueblo’s ever popular Cornbread grilled cheese sandwich
Hogtown ale from Hogtown Brewers
The potted shrimp from Bonfire Catering
Pork skewers, and the chili sweet popcorn from Babi & co. 
Porchetta from The Slow Room
Lobster and pork belly buns from Baoss
Banana fritters from Backyard Kitchen


Toronto Underground Market

Bits > Casually chronicling where I’m eating, and what I’m eating. If it’s interesting and if its tasty, it will be here.


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