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The Black Hoof is Canada’s fourth best restaurant—according to’s inaugural poll

April 27, 2012
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Vij’s was named best restaurant in Canada (Image: Mack Male)

Shrewdly piggy-backing on the S. Pellegrino list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants (which comes out on Monday), new-ish travel site conducted its own poll to determine the top 50 restaurants in Canada, the results of which were released today. At the top of the list is Vij’s, the much-lauded Vancouver haute-Indian restaurant, followed by Cambridge’s Langdon Hall and Montreal’s Joe Beef. The top Toronto restaurant is The Black Hoof, which took fourth place, followed by Canoe (5), Sushi Kaji (11), Splendido (14), Guu (18), Ruby Watcho (19), Scaramouche (28), Buca (31), Acadia (37), Biff’s (39), Origin (44), Wine Bar (45) and Pic Nic Wine Bar (48). The rankings were determined by the ballots of 15 judges (regular Dish contributors Renée Suen and Gizelle Lau among them), who ranked the 10 best Canadian places they’d dined at in the past 30 months. See the whole list [] »


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