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Hoarding Alert: Zacbé Mezcal Reposado

April 22, 2012

We’ve been waiting on mezcal for a couple of years now since, as we all know, it’s bound to be the new next big thing. Bound to be. Any day now.

The thing is, the LCBO hasn’t quite yet tweaked to this, so we’ve been pretty much left to drool with envy over our American amigos, who are able to take full advantage of the smoky, earthy flavour profiles of this truly special product.

Okay, yes, there’s a fairly decent option regularly available here but, while Jaral de Berrio mixes well enough, it really only provides a mild introduction to the category. Sort of like that starter marriage you had in your twenties.

Here and there, Vintages also will occasionally bring in things with lustier character and, of these, our favourite—by far—has to be the pungent, smoky, spicy-sweet and almost funky Zacbé Reposado. We hate it when people overuse the term “terroir,” but one good whiff and a small sip of this really does put us in mind of Oaxaca, which is a good place to be reminded of.

It ain’t cheap (which means that some of its “finally-an-agave-liquor-for-the-little people” cachet is lost) but, at $69.95, it’s a bargain compared to what you’ll pay for some of the more interesting aged tequilas out there. And, as with all Vintages imports, it won’t be here for long—only about 150 bottles seem to be here for the asking in Central Toronto LCBO stores.



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